Beach Party!

… and it’s breaking the 16th of July. Well, our day by day life may not change, our way of thinking will change, the way we see our common future!

. . . and we will go to the beach, we will be teased by the guests, we will have a lot of photos and then. . .

The party continues and it’s going to be awesome, musical, sexy, dancing, singing, smoking(!), full of salty experiences ;-) and ABSOLUTELY ENTERTAINING!

We will meet on Saturday night (16 July) at Beach Bar MAGEMENA that is in Magemena beach in Volissos.

There an old school mate, and now a successful DJ and Event Organizer, Nikos Alatas will pump us up with his music, the sound and the light! Accompanied with the full moon, we will dance, eat, and primarily drink! Cocktail night! Our night. . .

BTW flirting is not aloud. . . IT IS  NECESSITATED!!!